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welding cap skulls on fire red smokey background of fear and horror Green tree frog welding hat or cap has eyes peeking out from a green jungle setting. black skullfinity welding hat. Pink welding hats or caps support breast cancer awareness.
welding hat skulls on fire red
Our Price: $14.99

welding hat I can see you
Our Price: $14.99

welding hat black skullfinity
Our Price: $14.99

welding hat solid pink
Our Price: $14.99

Welding hat or cap red skulls on fire w/ crimson inside color of horror.
Welding hat w/ green tree frog who needs a home will you adopt him.
black skullfinity welding hat or cap.
Pink welding hats or caps help support breast cancer awareness.

(PHONE ORDERS WELCOME) from 9:00 AM To 5:00 PM Eastern Time Mon-Sat Call Grace At (313)332-0381. has earned the right to be trusted. We are fully capable of creating you a bad ass welding hat and Delivering It quickly and Safely To Your Doorstep!


First and most importantly all hats are custom made with care and craftsmanship. Strict detailed measurements are taken to insure consistent sizing throughout size charts.Our solid colors fabric (also inside color of printed welder caps) are 100% medium to lightweight cotton. The manufacturer of this highest quality material is Kona Cotton,(very nice not cheap) you can look it up! The printed fabrics we use are the best in the business. The utilization of a 6 panel design is far superior. (hat conforms to head shape better). We install a real custom stitched 2 inch band (most companies out there omit this by sewing a line around the bottom. The 3 inch X-large brim has 4 rows of custom stitching and a denim middle section for strength and durability, especially useful when welding overhead. We pre-wash and dry all fabric before we sew to pre-shrink the material.(this and good materials insures your welders cap won't shrink away when washing). Being fully reversible allows you to turn the hat inside out for a different look. We lock all thread starts and stops(no loose hanging threads to come undone). There are countless other things I have learned to create the perfect welders cap or hat , but they are to many to list in the scope of this article. You can trust that has the skill and care to create a truly bad ass cap.

Thank you for reading please enjoy our online store! GRACE MCNAMARA (313)-332 0381

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