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Flame welding caps are the cornerstone the industry.

Welder hats flaming six panels and giving a rebel vibe. Closely resembling fire created from the arc welding process. Every flame is different in color, and temperatures vary according to witch fuel source is being consumed. A typical hat carries a flame temperature of below 1500 degrees Celsius. Flames and fire have mesmerized mankind since the cave man. With the massive energy released many useful inventions have been created, gas barbecues, cutting torches, fitter caps,combustion engines and steam locomotives to name a few. Bonfires have been a meeting place for many since the early times all the way to modern day blowout parties. Enjoy your flames welder cap and don't be ashamed if you become fascinated by the flames.(Many Insects have given their lives just to get close to it).

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Welder hats with orange red and blue flames. Grey flames welding hats or caps gray color. welding cap skulls on fire red smokey background of fear and horror
welding hat color hot wheels
Our Price: $19.99

welding hat grey hot wheels
Our Price: $19.99

welding hat skulls on fire red
Our Price: $19.99

Kool color hot wheels welders cap or hat with orange flames outside with a deep navy blue inside.
Gray hot wheels flames welding hat or cap with a grey inside color.
Welding hat or cap red skulls on fire w/ crimson inside color of horror.
yellow and red flames welding hat or cap with red inside color.
welding hat flames
Our Price: $19.99

Welding hat or cap red and yellow hot flames very vibrant colors.

Flame welders caps n hats come in a variety of colorful styles so pick one that suits your personality. thank you from Badasscaps.com

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