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Bringing several animal and insect varieties to the forefront, containing crawling spiders on a web designed pattern with ravens and vampire bats on a creepy news article welding cap. Lets not forget the highly venomous snakeskin welder cap. On the lighter side there is a woods inspired camo cap that has bear and elk in the forest, deer, moose and wild turkey are also included. Now for a bit of humor check out the amphibian green tree frog perverted peeper welders cap,(his eyes are always watching). Freshwater fishing on a hat is also pretty a cool theme because salmon is the second best pink meat on the fish market. Orange colored deer at dawn gives a feeling of possibility when nocturnal animals become restless, actively seeking food (hopefully near your bait pile). Buy animal and insect inspired welder hats.

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camouflage welding cap or hat fishing gear welding hat mossy oak welder hats or caps
welding hat camouflage
Our Price: $15.99

Fishing gear welding hat
Our Price: $15.99

welding hat mossy oak
Our Price: $15.99

Camo welding caps real tree fabric makes this a wooded winner.
Throw your fishing gear, catch this deal.
Welding hats or caps mossy oak.
Welders hats or caps scary frog welding hat or cap has eyes peeking out from a green jungle setting. welding hat and caps spiders, web.
welding hat wicked
Our Price: $15.99

welding hat frogs
Our Price: $15.99

Arachnophobia welding hat
Our Price: $15.99
Welding hat Wicked
Welding hat with frog who needs a home will you adopt him.
welder hat spiders and webs.

Welding hats and caps animals and insects collection representing daytime and nocturnal species.

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