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Welding Cap Sizing Chart

Our caps all come with a Large 3" bill with a denim midsection for strength and durability,4 rows of stitching supports the shape.

Crown depth:
You may choose between a 7" standard crown for a traditional fit (left image) or.... 7 1/2 " deep crown for an over the ear fit (right image).

7" standard crown sits on top of ears.
7 1/2" deep crown
covers the ears.

Use a soft measuring tape to measure your head circumference Wrapping tape just above your eyebrows go completely around your head with the tape on top of your ears like where a pair of glasses would sit. Do not pull so tight that you stretch the tape carefully write down where the tape meets. Do not add extra numbers because you think the hat will be as tight as the measuring tape the size that corresponds with your measurement in the chart below has room already built in. Also do not add extra because you think our hats will shrink we use very good fabric and also pre wash and dry on the hottest setting before we sew. Shrinking of our hats is very minimal and certainly not a complete size up like many people are accustomed to with other brands. We have sold a lot of hats so trust us on this one or you could end up with a hat that is to big. TIP: if you don't have a soft tape measure you can use a non stretchable string marking carefully where string meets and measure it flat on table when done.

Use the sizing chart below to figure out your hat size, there are 9 sizes to choose from.

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