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Skull welding hats and caps you have several options in this exciting category.

Skulls and crossbones have provoked both fear and curiosity to the human psyche. Several cultures have even been known to worship skulls.several ancient crystal skulls have been discovered in various countries throughout the world. Great stories and legends of hidden skulls holding enough power to rule the world have survived millenia. The Mayan legend of 13 skulls coming together and affecting mankind with global implications can be found. Native Americans and the Aztecs have their own skull legends. Skull welders caps from Badasscaps.com are also known to hold great power they are the stuff legends are made of and are quite fashionable too.

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pink bows welding hat Black skulls welding hats on fire with smoke and angry looking skull. Skull covered welding hat tattoos with growing roses
welding hat pink bow
Our Price: $15.99

welding hat skulls on fire black
Our Price: $15.99

welding hat rose tattoo
Our Price: $15.99

Ladies pink bow welding cap n hat it's just for the girls!
Welder cap or hat skulls on fire black w/ inside color black a very dark nightmare is upon you.
Welding cap tatoo has spooky skulls
welding cap skulls on fire red smokey background of fear and horror native skulls welding caps
welding hat skulls on fire red
Our Price: $15.99

native skulls welding caps
Our Price: $15.99

Welding hat or cap red skulls on fire w/ crimson inside color of horror.
Welding caps native skulls

These skull caps are awe inspiring no smoke and mirrors here just old fashioned know how  Badasscaps.com.

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